Chartio Launches Certification Program: How to Become a Certified Chartio Specialist

Posted by Doug Sykes on January 19, 2021 Chartio

At Chartio, our mission is to JOIN teams ON data, and that entails making sure each team member has the resources they need to succeed in data literacy and exploration. Solving data problems requires entire teams to work together, iterate and focus on common goals to get the answers that they are trying to achieve.

As we continue to help thousands of teams get empowered with data, we wanted to give our users an opportunity to validate their Chartio expertise and be more confident in their skillset. Chartio has many powerful features that allow users from across the organization to connect, explore, visualize and collaborate across their data. When only one member of your team can do this, it slows down the process. Chartio’s platform focuses on bringing all stakeholders together to find answers to their data questions. We enable organizations to get up and running with their data quickly; our Visual SQL helps both data and business teams conceptualize the data needed quickly to determine the answers they need. Finally, we add in collaborative tools so that teams can work together to make business decisions they need.

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of the Chartio Certification program. As part of our commitment to enable our customers to be skillful with Chartio, this program is designed to encourage our customers to help their entire teams feel confident using Chartio. Upon completion, they can also proudly showcase their skills to the professional network. Level 1 certification is offered for free to our customers and aims to assess for basic understanding of building charts and dashboards in Chartio.


Certification Implementation

Initially, we kicked off the certification program internally. We put our feet in our customers shoes to understand how and what was needed to get Chartio up and running.

“Here at Chartio the entire team uses Chartio every day to be more informed, collaborative, and effective in our jobs. The certification process is a great way to onboard our new employees and assess where they may need a bit more assistance to be truly data-driven. As a company, having everyone Chartio certified has allowed us to be more efficient and aligned on how to measure and share metrics. We are excited to share our certification with our customers,” shared Mary Sapountzis, Head of Customer Success at Chartio.

We’re proud to announce that the entire Chartio team, from leadership, engineering, sales to customer success have all passed and are Chartio Level 1 Certified! This proved to be a valuable exercise, as our employees got to assess how much they knew and learn new ways to use Chartio along the way. This has now become a part of the onboarding process for new employees at Chartio, and we believe our customers will find it valuable too.

“I think the certification program is a good way to get new users accustomed to Chartio,” says Ken MacMann, Analytics Manager of ButterflyMX.

Lillian Rafson, Founder and CEO of Pack Up + Go, says “The certification process is great because it encourages people to dive in and build really basic reports without feeling overwhelmed. It’s an easy, low-stakes way to learn about Chartio. Having this as a new learning opportunity and skill that people can learn is super valuable.”

Once you complete and pass the certification, you will receive a certificate you can proudly showcase to your professional network, such as on LinkedIn.

How You Can Get Certified

If you are an existing customer and ready to test your skills, you can begin your certification process here. If you’re not yet a Chartio customer, you can get started today with a free trial. As always, we encourage you to reach out to us at with any questions!

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